Abattoir, "Reading and Making"

Abattoir at Foreland, Catskill, NY
August 6-28, 2022

Friday-Sunday 11am-5pm and additional hours Monday-Thursday by appointment only. This exhibition is managed by Abattoir gallery, appointment and sales inquiries can be directed to lisa@abattoirgallery.com.

Caitlin MacBride / Dominic Palarchio: Reading and Making For the gallery’s initial presentation in the Hudson Valley, Abattoir is excited to exhibit paintings by Caitlin MacBride and sculptures by Dominic Palarchio, two artists whose work is shaped significantly by their experience and research around labor and craft. Palarchio’s practice applies metonymy to locate where hardship lies, reminding us of economy and place–and the inevitability of our relationship with them. His work emanates from Detroit’s post-industrial condition; many of his sculptures rely on classed sources to replicate the tangible and affective efforts that define their utility. Palarchio is interested in how objects—imbued with evidence of prior ownership— evoke working conditions as inhospitable
systems that negatively shape lives lived beyond the workplace.

MacBride studies the handmade objects and histories of the Shaker communities in the Northeast, sects which held work and workmanship
sacred to their religious worship. The parity of the sexes and independence of women featured prominently in the Shaker belief system. MacBride’s oil paintings on panel and canvas examine these histories in
works that vibrate with mystery and literary intelligence.

Palarchio and MacBride have both exhibited with Abattoir in the past; Palarchio as part of this summer’s FRONT International in Cleveland: MacBride at the gallery’s NADA Miami presentation last winter.