Foreland Artist Party

On Saturday July, 23rd, 2022 Foreland hosted the Foreland Artist Party--a wild fête that featured creative cocktails, site-specific installations, and an immersive DJ performance by Tschabalala Self and Mike Mosby.

The Foreland Artist Party was co-hosted by NADA and celebrated our vibrant artist community: Lyle Ashton Harris, Sky Hopinka, Nicole Cherubini, Maggie Hazen, Marc Swanson, Steve Locke, Laleh Khorramian, Zia Anger, Caitlin MacBride, Henri Broyard, Theo Anthony, R.B. Schlather, Samantha Bittman, Padma Rajendran, Sam Vernon, Chris Keating, Clair Catillaz, Monica Mirabile, Kathryn Lynch, Julia Weist, Susan Lisbin, Tomaz Capobianco, Heather Bursch, Tania Alvarez, Corinne May Botz, Paul Woolf Boettiger, Amanda C. Mathis, and Beka Goedde. Proceeds from the event contributed to Foreland’s ongoing initiatives, such as the Foreland Fellowship and public programming efforts.

Drinks sponsored by 1800 Tequila