Glass Bridge Series: Rachel B. Hayes

This June, Foreland is excited to launch our Glass Bridge Series with an inaugural site-specific installation by the Oklahoma-based fiber and textile artist Rachel B. Hayes!

Changing over biannually, the Glass Bridge Series will present new site-specific commissions—which will also be visible from the street—by artists working with a variety of mediums.
Inspired by abstract geometric paintings, fiber art, stained glass windows, fashion design, and the colors and contour lines of the natural landscape, Rachel Hayes has created fiber-art installations that cover sand dunes, cross rivers, and billow over mountains.

For this inaugural installation, Hayes was commissioned by Foreland to design a new site-specific installation for the Glass Bridge. “My thoughts were to create a color field installation that would cascade, billow, and flow down the long hallway…using a grouping of jewel tone colors, the glass bridge becomes a kaleidoscope to look through at our surrounding environment, as the colors change throughout the day along with the ever-changing skies. At night the piece will glow from within for all to see.”

Join us on June 4, 2023, for an opening reception and Pride Month celebration!

More details coming soon.