Foreland Presents

Introducing: Foreland Presents

Foreland Presents is our rotating series of artist commissions, public exhibitions, performances, events, and workshops operating around the heart of Foreland's Studio Community. Curated by Jesse Greenberg, Foreland Presents currently has four main exhibition series: The Glass Bridge, The Sculpture Pad, The Tower Stairs Series, and the Greater Valley Artists Series. Each series takes advantage of a specific architectural feature or location within Foreland’s historic industrial buildings. This approach provides artists with a distinct and unconventional platform to showcase their work, and does so in direct relationship with the architecture and infrastructure of the Foreland Campus.

The 2023 Foreland Presents are:

The Glass Bridge: Rachel B. Hayes, Tomorrow is for You and Me
Rachel B Hayes kicks off our Glass Bridge series, using sheer mosaicked fabrics appearing like flowing soft stained glass to transform our pedestrian skyway into a public viewing vitrine.

The Sculpture Pad: Chris Bogia, Candle
As part of our rotating outdoor sculpture series, Foreland presents Chris Bogia’s Candle. Commissioned by the Lighthouse Works where it was previously on display for a year on Fishers Island.

The Tower Stairs: Maria Antelman and Landon Metz Housed in our six story grand stairwell, a specialized speaker system dedicated to sonic based artists, will feature a looping selection of works by Maria Antelman, Landon Metz and more.

Greater Valley Artists: Carter Hodgkins, Dither Series
This quarterly series works as a revolving open call to artists based in Greene & Columbia counties, serving to highlight the rich population of artists in this vast region. We will launch this