Virginia Overton

Untitled (Cardinal C-80)

Foreland is thrilled to present Virginia Overton's monumental sculpture, Untitled (Cardinal C-80), on the Foreland Waterfront. Untitled (Cardinal C-80) is available for public view every Saturday and Sunday from 9am-6pm, October 14th, 2021 through February 28th, 2022.

Virginia Overton was born in Nashville, Tennessee and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She creates sculpture and installation repurposing materials commonly associated with factories, farms and construction. By means of both subtle and drastic interventions, Overton re-contextualizes these ordinary objects revealing their intrinsic properties which highlights the wear accrued by passing time.

Overton’s Untitled (Cardinal C-80) sculpture consists of a white steel frame, previously used as a forklift glass transport rack stood on end. Within each of its many recesses Overton has fit white marble, cut carefully to size. The white monochrome has striations of grey in the marble and rust colored oxidation on the surface of the steel. The muscular structure bends outward in an L-shape, reminiscent of a screen divider, usually made of lightweight materials like paper and wood. The artwork is titled in a direct fashion, noting an industrial stencil stamped on the edge of its frame: “Cardinal C-80.”

To view the sculpture, park at 111 Water Street and walk north along the waterfront towards the artwork, situated between our buildings at 111 and 125 Water Street. Parking is free, there's no cost to visit and reservations are not required. Additional winter hours may be available based on visitor demand. Please subscribe to our emails and follow our Instagram at @Forelandcatskill to stay abreast of changes in public viewing hours.

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